Motorcycle rider in sanatorium after smash in Banbury

Picture from Thames Valley Police Banbury on Twitter A MAN is in hospital with 'serious injuries' after a major crash. At 8.30pm on Monday, a dark-blue coloured Aprilla motorbike crashed into the roundabout on Hennef Way in Banbury. The rider, a man in his 40s, has been left with serious injuries.  *UPDATE* HENNEF WAY has…

Washer bursts into flames

News   Washing machine bursts into flames FIREFIGHTERS were called to a house in the middle of the afternoon after a washing machine burst into flames.  Two fire trucks from Abingdon Station went to the scene on Tuesday. When they arrived, they wore breathing equipment to get into the house and extinguish the fire before…

Police hunt for this man after Banbury burglary

Police hunt for this man after burglary in the middle of the night POLICE are hunting for this man after a burglary in the middle of the ngiht.  A man, who is in his 20s, woke up on the morning of April 26 to find his laptop missing from his living room and the front…

Boots now offering Covid-19 vaccines

Boots now offering Covid-19 vaccines HIGH-STREET giant Boots is now offering the Covid-19 vaccine.  The Oxford store on Cornmarket Street is one of 31 new vaccination centres set up in Boots Pharmacy.  It started giving out the jab on May 8 - meaning if you are allowed to book a vaccine, you can choose to…

Loyal trigger of dying of Adam Stanmore ‘very unlikely to bid’

THE BODY of a man found dead in woodland was so decomposed that it was impossible to say exactly how he died, an inquest heard yesterday. Adam Stanmore was found dead in an area behind Grenoble Road in Blackbird Leys on June 13, 2019 – four weeks after he went missing. Yesterday, 10 jurors at…

Oxford’s Lord Mayor walks a whopping 27 miles in one day of campaigning

AS candidates gathered to hear the results of Oxford's electoral contest, another competition was playing out in the halls of power. The amount of shoe leather used by candidates as they wandered the city's streets stacked up quickly over a short period of time this year. Election canvassing was only allowed from mid-March as Covid…


Wish Your Pores Would Fade? This ‘Renewal’ Mask Is Love Magic

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. We all have pores. They’re simply a part of our skin, and having them there is a good thing! We just can’t help it though — sometimes, we can’t stand the way they look on our face. When…

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Science & Tech

How cancer cells re-space up the 3D structure of their DNA?

In cancer cells, enhancer hijacking mediated by chromosomal alterations and increased deposition of acetylated histone H3 lysine 27 (H3K27ac) can support oncogene expression. However, how the chromatin conformation of enhancer-promoter interactions is affected by these events is unclear. In a new study, scientists at the EPFL and UNIL used a new algorithmic approach to examine…

Voyager I spacecraft detects plasma hum in interstellar residence

Launched by NASA on September 5, 1977, Voyager 1 spacecraft is the most distant human-made object in space. Having operated for 43 years, the spacecraft still communicates with the Deep Space Network to receive routine commands and transmit data to Earth. In 2012, the spacecraft crossed the heliopause, the solar system’s border with interstellar space,…

Unhealthy daily life habits linked to high possibility of cardiovascular disease in autistic americans

Studies of autistic children suggest that restricted eating, reduced physical activity, and sleep disorders are common. However, there are no studies to describe the diet, exercise, and sleep patterns of autistic adults or consider relationships between lifestyle behaviors and the widely reported increased risks of obesity and chronic conditions. In Cambridge, scientists at the Autism…

A brand sleek mannequin system for finding out early embryonic building

Human somatic cells commonly have 46 chromosomes, which together convey the genetic information. These chromosomes are first united at fertilization, 23 from the dad’s sperm and 23 from the mother’s egg.  After fertilization, the parental chromosomes at first exist in two separate compartments, known as pronuclei. These pronuclei gradually move towards one another until they…

Latest Reviews

Radley siblings invent three-legged stroll for Covid oxygen relief in India

Two siblings challenged themselves to walk around their village with their legs tied together in an effort to raise funds to provide oxygen aid to India. Hospitals across India are full, and are facing shortages of oxygen as Covid cases rise in a brutal second wave. To help, brother and sister Kai, 12, and Lily-May…

SocGen to Let French Group Work Remotely Up to Three Days a Week

Need help? Contact us We've detected unusual activity from your computer network To continue, please click the box below to let us know you're not a robot. Why did this happen? Please make sure your browser supports JavaScript and cookies and that you are not blocking them from loading. For more information you can review…

How a Supreme Court docket Case About Nonprofit Donations Would possibly possibly possibly possibly also Have an effect on The united states’s Elections

Upon first glance, the U.S. Supreme Court case Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Rodriquez might not seem like it could impact elections. The case, which will be argued before the Supreme Court Monday, examines the constitutionality of a California regulation requiring nonprofits wishing to raise money in the state to disclose their largest donors to…