Okanagan Cultivators signs agreement with Canada’s Farm Boys to begin constructing mobile grow facilities to deploy around the world.

In the world of cannabis cultivation few companies are actually getting it right the first time. Many companies have spent 100’s of millions building out from the ground up huge buildings before even getting their licences and approvals to cultivate. In Germany tenders are selected and offered only for three years and does not guarantee a continuation after three years. A company could be left with a huge facility and no licence offered or renewed leaving the company with a facility empty and unable to operate. Or a licenced company may now need to wait 18 months before commissioning a new building for cultivation which could cost 100’s of million in lost revenue. Or worse the government pulls your licence for some reason and unfortunately you can’t take that building elsewhere.

Okanagan Cultivators is one company operating a bit differently and for good reason eliminating such huge upfront costs and liabilities. Okanagan rents facilities when it can to eliminate long build outs and huge cash requirements. However this is still expensive as most facilities require substantial upgrades in building out the desired operations. Now Okanagan has a new advantage with its recent partnership with Canadian Company Farm Boys, developer of mobile food production units. Okanagan’s partnership with Farm Boys will be for a cannabis focused mobile grow facility that will be able to be deployed anywhere in the world and put into operation in less than 48 hours. “This is a plug and play unit,” said Mark Miller, CEO of Okanagan Cultivators, what I love about the mobile grow facility is it is fully turn key mobile cannabis grow facility with all equipment installed and can be deployed quickly, cost effectively and maintains a controlled environment for medical grade cannabis. We plan to deploy these in our warehouse space in Europe where the truck can just unload the unit inside the warehouse adding extra security and eliminating the need to build out the space.

Okanagan Cultivators is currently testing the facility and making needed improvements for cannabis cultivation at it’s Canadian site. The Farm Boys unit has already been tested and supported by the University of Saskatoon ensuring it to be cutting edge. Okanagan Cultivators will deploy the units to its locations in both Canada and Europe and already has manufacturing capabilities in Prague, Czech Republic. With further plans to sell the facility to other cultivators in need of such technology. One of the most interesting things about the mobile grow facility is that it is a vertical rotating column that allows for increased production in a small space. The units can be stacked and added together like lego to create any size cultivation operation. With the technology providing less use of water and fertilizers it is much better environmentally. The mobile cannabis cultivation units will be made available for sale through Okanagan Cultivators for the global cannabis market in December 2020