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Witney pensioner boycotts Co-op over Shredded Wheat coupon

A PENSIONER has boycotted his native grocery store after the retailer refused him 50p off his Shredded Wheat.

John Osman, 91, visited the Co-op in Witney’s Excessive Aspect toll road, taking a search to expend a voucher he had beforehand been given in the retailer.

However, Mr Osman, who has been a true client at Co-op stores for bigger than 70 years, did no longer heed the voucher to group till after he had purchased his items.

Therefore, group at the retailer rejected Mr Osman’s makes an strive to expend the coupon.

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Mr Osman talked about: “I was as soon as saddened when a particular person whom I presume is a member of the managerial group was as soon as unable to deal successfully with a jam unwittingly triggered by me after I failed to private from my pocket a discount for 50 pence off any Nestle Shredded Wheat product sooner than I’d paid my £26.64 invoice.

“The coupon had been awarded to me on my earlier search the advice of with about a days beforehand to the retailer and I merely forgot to heed it till I’d basically paid the invoice and had correct left the counter.

“I straight returned and a priceless lady in the support of the till talked about she would must call for support.

“I understood that because there may maybe maybe well furthermore properly had been computer machine considerations.

Witney pensioner John Osman collects his 50p from the Co-op after the store refused his voucher. Picture by Ed Nix

Witney pensioner John Osman collects his 50p from the Co-op after the retailer refused his voucher. Image by Ed Nix

“Very mercurial, the administration representative arrived and talked about that nothing may maybe maybe well furthermore very properly be done.

“Mystified by this, I requested ‘why no longer’?

“He was as soon as polite nonetheless adamant, giving me no clarification as to why my oversight in no longer producing the coupon sooner than my fee was as soon as so insuperable.

“This annoyed me reasonably and I impolitely commented that I supposed it was as soon as the computer, and added that if he couldn’t attain something about it, his retailer was as soon as losing a Co-op customer of seventy years or more.

“With that, I left.”

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However, Mr Osman admitted he did no longer are looking to arrangement out his boycott for too prolonged.

“The chance is, I don’t certainly are looking to entire my life-prolonged affiliation with the Co-op because I fetch its products most lifelike-looking and slightly-priced, and I welcome the annual fee around Christmas time of any dividends one has earned by taking a search there,” he talked about.

“Nonetheless, I acquire bored to loss of life with being told in the in the interim that something can’t be done thanks to the computer.

“I’m on the discipline of 92, and even though the Witney Co-op is farther some distance from my home than its opponents like Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, I’ve been a devoted client since arriving about a years in the past to reside right here.

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“I certainly indulge in no draw of boycotting other Co-op stores in other places.

“So I’ll assemble an offer to entire my one-man boycott of the Excessive Aspect toll road retailer if a managerial representative there offers me fifty pence.

“We will be in a position to all indulge in struck a blow in opposition to the all too frequent apply of relying too intently on computers for every thing.”

When contacted by this newspaper, a spokesperson for Co-op: “We sincerely apologise for any danger triggered to our customer, and we’d be satisfied to welcome them support in to the retailer at their comfort to earn the fifty pence.”


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