Home World Clare Crawley Says She's ‘Collecting Memories,’ Holds Fingers With Dale Moss: Pic

Clare Crawley Says She’s ‘Collecting Memories,’ Holds Fingers With Dale Moss: Pic

Bachelorette alum Clare Crawley shared a hopeful put up on Instagram on Sunday, February 21, days after Us Weekly completely confirmed that she and ex-fiancé Dale Moss are abet collectively.

“Collecting memories 🤍,” the hairstylist, 39, captioned a photo that showed her preserving some shells in her left hand and revealing a hoop on her ring finger. But that wasn’t the supreme thing visible within the shoreline image — a man will most definitely be seen within the background. Eagle-eyed fans pointed out that the proprietor of those feet had gold nail polish, which the extinct NFL player has been rocking since shedding a likelihood earlier this week.

Clare Crawley Posts About ‘Collecting Memories’ as She’s Spotted at Florida Hotel With Dale Moss
Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Craig Sjodin/ABC

“I know whose feet those are!” one fan commented, while but another wrote, “Gold toes and a hoop on that wedding finger.”

Moss, 32, also shared pics and a video from the the same shoreline on Sunday. “By no methodology Will get Aged,” he captioned a pic overlooking the pool on the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota, Florida.

The Bachelor Nation Scoop Instagram myth also posted a photo of the couple wearing swimsuits as they strolled by the pool preserving hands.

Bachelorette's Clare Crawley Posts About ‘Collecting Memories,’ Holds Hands With Dale Moss: Photo
Clare Crawley and Dale Moss retain hands on the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota, Florida, on February 21, 2021. Carly Kief

“They possess been very affectionate and preserving hands loads. It appears admire they are 100 percent abet collectively,” Carly Kief, who took the photo of Crawley and Moss by the pool earlier on Sunday, completely tells Us Weekly. “They possess been smiling and regarded as if it can well be having a broad time collectively. Dale carried her on the shoreline. They regarded gorgeous mutually into every various — he used to be into her just as worthy as she used to be into him and vice versa. They possess been very sensitive and held hands loads. They stayed shut to every various your total day.”

The pair, who got engaged just two weeks into filming season 16 of The Bachelorette final yr, split in January, with Moss confirming the info by job of Instagram on January 19.

“I mandatory nothing bigger than to impress this relationship work, and I attach my heart and soul into it every and day by day,” he outlined in an Instagram Memoir. “And I mandatory nothing bigger than to develop a wholesome relationship.”

Days later he cried all the arrangement in which by an Instagram Stay, telling fans that he has been “f—king hurting loads” amid the breakup. Crawley also published in her hold social media posts that she used to be struggling with alarm following the discontinue of their engagement.

But much less than a month later, they possess been spotted collectively in Florida, preserving hands while strolling down the avenue and getting drinks collectively at Nokomo’s Sundown Hut in Nokomis, Florida, on Tuesday, February 16. The next day, an eyewitness informed Us they “100 percent” regarded admire a couple as they sat collectively at Rosebud’s Steak & Seafood Home in Osprey, Florida. “They’re no doubt in esteem,” the eyewitness added, noting that Crawley had her hands resting on Moss.

Us confirmed on Friday that the couple are giving their relationship but another are attempting.

“Dale has been gorgeous secretive with site visitors after they’re asking if he’s abet with Clare, nonetheless it absolutely’s evident to all people that they’re abet collectively,” an insider informed Us completely. “They’re just figuring things out and playing spending time collectively.”

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