Home Politics South Oxfordshire police represent dozens for flouting Covid principles

South Oxfordshire police represent dozens for flouting Covid principles

Dozens caught flouting Covid rules as police investigate assaults near village

Dozens caught flouting Covid principles as police compare assaults shut to village

DOZENS of other folks were reported for flouting Covid-19 principles in South Oxfordshire.

Thames Valley Police got a range of complaints of scrambler bikes causing damage to fields and reviews of assaults shut to Blewbury, Didcot.

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Officers were compelled to utilise a drone to help in the search of the intention.

The pressure confirmed that enquiries are peaceable ongoing but that dozens of rule-breakers were reported for breaching lockdown restrictions.

Following reviews of scrambler bikes suspected of causing damage to gallops and assaults shut to Blewbury #Didcot we utilised a drone to help in the intention search.

Enquiries are ongoing.

Dozens reported for breaching Coronavirus restrictions.#NotOnOurPatch#TVPrural

PsMaris pic.twitter.com/dgwoBIL5Ae

— TVPSouth Oxon & VOWH (@tvpsouthandvale) February 21, 2021


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