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Okanagan Cultivators planning to expand wellness resorts at home and abroad

The cannabis wellness industry has boomed over the last few years as more nations recognize the medical benefits of cannabis. Those companies who can keep at the forefront of this growing wellness market can expect long term financial payoff.

Okanagan Cultivators, a craft cannabis company based in British Columbia, Canada, is one company who is benefiting from this boom. The company is not only expanding their cultivation sites overseas, but planning new wellness spas internationally.

Okanagan Cultivators is based in the Okanagan Valley where they produce their organic cannabis in custom built, laboratory-grade growing rooms. Each strain is housed in its own room to ensure ideal growing conditions are maintained for each unique strain. This careful process has become part of what makes Okanagan Cultivators’ product highly regarded around the globe.

They are currently planning to expand their cultivation operation abroad, and open new cultivation locations for production. One location is an agreed upon 200 acres of land in the Bahamas, where Okanagan Cultivators could produce 50 tonnes of Cannabis flower. The plan will also create an extension of Okanagan Cultivators’ cannabis wellness brand, providing tourist accommodation alongside a wellness program. 

Presently, Okanagan Cultivators has cultivation sites in Europe, North America, the South Pacific, Middle East, and in the Caribbean. In the future the company plans to continue to establish more cultivation sites globally. 

Another large part of the Okanagan Cultivators brand is their planned wellness resorts and spas. At these planned locations, guests will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, and have the freedom to enjoy natural surroundings. These planned resort locations will offer a space for guests to join together in a doctor endorsed cannabis wellness program.The wellness program will include aspects of diet, exercise, and relaxation at these planned resort locations.

One wellness spa location is planned to be opened right in the cultivators’ native and scenic Okanagan Valley. This British Columbia resort is planned to have several private cabins, as well as an equipped spa area. Guests will be able to enjoy the resort’s sauna, steam room, and Roman pool in the spa area. The resort will also offer guests massages and various treatments, including aromatherapy, a coconut peel, and CBD oil rubs.

Keeping in line with the company’s goal to provide access to quality cannabis products, cannabis use will be also permitted. In addition to these amenities, this Okanagan Valley location itself offers views that guests will be able to enjoy throughout their stay.

Okanagan Cultivators is planning another wellness spa to be constructed abroad in Greece. This beautiful location is one that typically attracts tens of millions of tourists to its beaches and resorts every year. Spas and baths have a long history in Greece, and have been mentioned since the nation’s earliest days. This new kind of wellness resort will likely attract many guests in this scenic and relaxing location.

The craft cannabis cultivators are also planning another wellness spa location to be built in the Republic of Vanuatu. This island nation is located in the South Pacific Ocean, east of northern Australia and west of Fiji. Vanuatu is made of 83 small islands which were all formed by volcanic activity, and there are several active volcanoes.

This tropical nation is home to a rich, diverse culture and beautiful plants and wildlife. Vanuatu is also widely known for its favorable scuba diving conditions, which attract adventure seeking tourists every year.

A farm on Vanuatu has also signed another exclusive distribution agreement with Okanagan Cultivators. On this 10-year contract with 100-year land lease planned, they will supply 30 tonnes of THC cannabis flower per year.


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