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Flowers launch their fragrance in reaction to the electrical power of a bee’s touch

Feeling a spark! Continue reading Flowers release their perfume in response to the electricity of a bee’s touch on Tech Explorist.

Improving MRIs with modern-day simulations

Engineers find more efficient models to analyze contrast agents that find disease. Continue reading Improving MRIs with modern simulations on Tech Explorist.

Eczema may stem from poorly regulated sex hormones

The study offers a potential new treatment target for a common skin condition. Continue reading Eczema may stem from poorly regulated sex hormones on Tech Explorist.

Twitter Accepts Pay $809.5 Million Settlement in Investor Class Action Claim

The lawsuit accused the social media company of painting an overly rosy picture of its future

TIME101 Honoree Nancy Rosado-Santiago Leads with Love

“I am that person who will look at, if there’s one part that’s good, I will see that part. That’s the part that I look at. That’s the part that I see.” —Nancy Rosado-Santiago Every year, TIME highlights the 100 most influential people. This year we are also celebrating an individual who leads with love.…

COVID-19 Is Now the Deadliest Pandemic in American History

Like the Spanish flu, the coronavirus may never entirely disappear from our midst

I Can’t Do My Task as a Pastor With Abortion Laws Like Texas’ S.B. 8 in Location

As a Baptist pastor from a midsize Southern city in a conservative red state, I know firsthand who suffers when politicians attempt to limit the right of every person to determine whether, when and how to become parents. I also know how vital it is for people of faith to speak up in these religious…

Democrats Should Pass Ballot Rights Protections, However They Can’t Codify a Lie

Back from their summer recess, Senate Democrats announced last week that they have united behind the “Freedom to Vote” Act, a compromise bill that would expand and protect the right to vote in important ways. It comes on the heels of a summer-long effort by poor and low-income people, as well as grassroots voting rights…

Anxiety, bipolar illness, and stress and anxiety share a typical gut germs

Common factors within the gut-associated with depression and bipolar disorder. Continue reading Depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety share a common gut bacteria on Tech Explorist.

Managing magnets in a completely brand-new method

A reversible system can flip the magnetic orientation of particles with a small voltage. Continue reading Controlling magnets in an entirely new way on Tech Explorist.



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