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Webb reveals an exoplanet atmosphere as never seen before

The NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope scored another first: a molecular and chemical portrait of a distant world’s skies. While Webb and other space telescopes, including the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, have previously revealed isolated ingredients of this heated planet’s atmosphere, the new readings provide a full menu of atoms, molecules, and even signs of

Drinking during pregnancy changes the baby’s brain structure

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are a range of diseases that can affect the fetus if alcohol is consumed while pregnant. Babies born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders may experience developmental delays in speech and language, learning disabilities, or behavior problems. Unfortunately, many pregnant women are unaware of the influence of alcohol on the fetus during

Blood pressure highly likely to cause neurotic personality trait

High blood pressure is a leading cardiovascular disease risk factor and is considered to be associated with psychological factors. However, the causal relationships between blood pressure and anxiety, depressive symptoms, neuroticism, and subjective wellbeing are unclear. A new study assessed the genetic relationships between blood pressure and anxiety, depressive symptoms, neuroticism, and subjective well-being. Scientists

A new study has revealed the true shape of the Milky Way’s halo of stars

A new study has offered significant insights into a host of astrophysical subject areas, as it reveals the true shape of the diffuse cloud of stars surrounding the disk of our galaxy. This cloud of stars, known as a stellar halo, was believed to be largely spherical. According to a new model, this stellar halo

How to Make the Most of Black Friday Without Becoming Overwhelmed

Holiday shopping season will officially begin this week with the Black Friday sales on Nov. 25. Typically the busiest shopping day of the year, the sale event has extended to become a multiple-day promotion for many retailers, extending into Cyber Monday—aimed at encouraging e-commerce driven purchases—and sometimes beyond. Navigating these sales for bargains and holiday

The Best Toys of 2022

Our Best Toys of 2022 offer a variety of ways to play. Kids can stay active with the Vital Hero Digimon wearable game band. The Craft-Tastic Nature Scavenger Hunt Potions let them get creative outdoors. And the Vex Robotics Art Start mixes art with engineering. The editors of TIME for Kids share their picks for

Exclusive: MLB Execs Say There’s no Collusion in Aaron Judge Free Agency

Major League Baseball (MLB) executives tell TIME that the league had finished its inquiry into potential collusion between two owners to suppress the free agent market for superstar slugger Aaron Judge. MLB says it found no collusion in this instance. “We’ve completed our investigation,” a senior MLB executive told TIME. “And we’ve notified the MLBPA

The NeverKevins Can Still Block McCarthy’s Bid for Speaker

This article is part of The D.C. Brief, TIME’s politics newsletter. Sign up here to get stories like this sent to your inbox. If you just read the headlines last week, you’d think Rep. Kevin McCarthy has finally reached his long-chased goal of wielding the Speaker’s gavel, that the top Republican in the House would

At the World Cup, Wearing a Rainbow Flag Could Get You in Trouble

Grant Wahl was entering the World Cup stadium in Qatar on Monday night when he was suddenly stopped by security guards. Pointing to the rainbow shirt he was wearing to support the LGBTQ community, a guard told him to remove it because it was “political.” When Wahl, an independent journalist from the U.S. who covers

New microlaser chip surpasses the security and robustness of quantum communications

Despite the rapid development of photonic devices and systems, on-chip information technologies are mostly limited to two-level systems owing to the lack of sufficient reconfigurability to satisfy the stringent requirement. Even with extensive efforts dedicated to recently emerged vector lasers and microcavities to expand dimensionalities, it remains a challenge to actively tune the diversified, high-dimensional



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XOXO! Revisit Gossip Girl’s Iconic Thanksgiving Episodes

Relationships and alliances may have changed over the six seasons of Gossip Girl, but there was one thing fans could always count on: Thanksgiving drama. With the exception of season 5, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford), Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley), and Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) found themselves

‘27 Dresses’ Cast: Where Are They Now? Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, More

Always a bridesmaid! 27 Dresses captivated audiences in 2008 with its rom-com story line, empowering female lead and variety of ugly bridesmaid gowns. The romantic story of Jane (Katherine Heigl) being obsessed with weddings — while pining over her boss George (Edward Burns) — is a tale as old as time. While Jane falls victim