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House Republicans Wrestle With Party Leadership Choice After Weaker Than Expected Midterms

After failing to deliver a red wave in the midterms last week, House Republicans will on Tuesday elect their leader to govern a much smaller than expected majority. House Republicans met on Monday in a forum to welcome new members and to discuss the future of the party leadership. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House minority

A development in frequency up-conversion of single photons

Preserving photon statistics of quantum optical states during frequency conversion is critical in modern quantum technologies, as quantum networks sometimes demand the interfacing of many subsystems operating in significantly different spectral regions. However, current approaches offer only very small frequency shifts and limited tunability. They also suffer from high insertion loss and Raman noise originating…

The Third Most Watched Sports Franchise worldwide Is Planning a Women’s League

Indian Premier League, called the Super Bowl of cricket, is gearing up to roll out a women-only version of the game as organizers chalk out ways to make the third most-watched sporting event bigger, more profitable and diverse. Board of Control for Cricket in India — the sport’s governing body conducts the wildly-popular men’s edition…

Lunar soil can possibly create oxygen and fuel

It is of high technological importance and scientific interest to develop the lunar life support system for long-term exploration. Based on the analysis of the structure and composition of Chang’E-5 lunar soil sample, scientists in China report lunar soil has the potential to generate oxygen and fuel. They found that the soil on the moon…

The Back Booth: How a Supreme Court Leak Consumed D.C.

Welcome to The Back Booth, a weekend edition of The D.C. Brief. Here each Saturday, TIME’s politics newsletter will host a conversation between political professionals on the right and the left, pulling back the curtain on the conversations taking place in Washington when the tape stops rolling. Subscribe to The D.C. Brief here. Washington loves…

Scientists dis­covered vast amounts of sug­ar un­der­neath seagrass mead­ows

Seagrasses- marine plants- are one of the most ef­fi­cient global sinks of car­bon di­ox­ide on Earth. They stores al­most twice as much car­bon as forests on land and 35 times as fast. Recently, scientists from the Max Planck In­sti­tute for Mar­ine Mi­cro­bi­o­logy in Bre­men, Ger­many, found that seagrasses re­lease massive amounts of sugar into their…

Our Nation Is Still Divided Along the Battle Lines of the Civil War

Worries about a new civil war in the United States are misplaced because the Civil War never fully ended. That is essential knowledge for understanding current political divisions, especially the recriminations surrounding the leaked draft Supreme Court Roe decision, negating constitutional protections of a woman’s abortion rights. For abortion and many other issues, our nation…

Karine Jean-Pierre to Be Next White House Press Secretary

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Thursday named Karine Jean-Pierre to be the next White House press secretary, with incumbent Jen Psaki set to leave the role next week. Biden is also bringing back longtime Democratic strategist Anita Dunn as his senior adviser. She had served in the Biden White House last year for several…

Nerve cells do not always end where they start

The nerve cells within the developing brain are often generated far from where they will eventually reside and function in the new brain. Scientists have investigated this migration in animal models, but there is no study in human models yet. A new study explains novel methods for inferring the movement of human brain cells during…

Bitcoin Is Coming to Your 401( k). Your Employer Probably Won’t Let You Invest in It

A version of this article was published in TIME’s newsletter Into the Metaverse. Subscribe for a weekly guide to the future of the Internet. You can find past issues of the newsletter here. Fidelity, the nation’s largest provider of 401(k) retirement plans, has opened the door for a future of crypto nest eggs: the company…



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