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Who hesitates of Peter Thiel? A New Bio Recommends All Of Us Ought To Be

Paypal cofounder Peter Thiel is famous for destroying media outlets, not paying taxes, and being a conservative tech billionaire. A new biography, The Contrarian, suggests that he is after more than riches. TIME chatted with its author, journalist Max Chafkin. Why should we care about Peter Thiel, apart from the fact that he is another…

Home Building And Construction Is Increasing Quick. That’s an Excellent Indication

The August strength came in a 21.6% jump in construction of apartment units

How Rich American Expats Changed the British Upper Class

It could have been a screenplay for one of those gentle comedies that British film studios used to do so well: In 1924, a young American from Portland, Maine, was on vacation in England and strolling down the Strand when a colored engraving in a shop window caught his eye. It showed a glimpse into…

Twitter Accepts Pay $809.5 Million Settlement in Investor Class Action Claim

The lawsuit accused the social media company of painting an overly rosy picture of its future

TIME101 Honoree Nancy Rosado-Santiago Leads with Love

“I am that person who will look at, if there’s one part that’s good, I will see that part. That’s the part that I look at. That’s the part that I see.” —Nancy Rosado-Santiago Every year, TIME highlights the 100 most influential people. This year we are also celebrating an individual who leads with love.…

COVID-19 Is Now the Deadliest Pandemic in American History

Like the Spanish flu, the coronavirus may never entirely disappear from our midst

I Can’t Do My Task as a Pastor With Abortion Laws Like Texas’ S.B. 8 in Location

As a Baptist pastor from a midsize Southern city in a conservative red state, I know firsthand who suffers when politicians attempt to limit the right of every person to determine whether, when and how to become parents. I also know how vital it is for people of faith to speak up in these religious…

Democrats Should Pass Ballot Rights Protections, However They Can’t Codify a Lie

Back from their summer recess, Senate Democrats announced last week that they have united behind the “Freedom to Vote” Act, a compromise bill that would expand and protect the right to vote in important ways. It comes on the heels of a summer-long effort by poor and low-income people, as well as grassroots voting rights…

Police Find Body Believed to Be Missing Van Trekker Gabby Petito

The FBI said the body was found by law enforcement agents who had spent the past two days searching campgrounds

Chris Rock States He Has COVID-19 and Advises Others to Get Immunized

The 56-year-old comedian wrote on Twitter: “Hey guys I just found out I have COVID, trust me you don’t want this. Get vaccinated

U.S. Starts Flying Haitian Migrants House From Texas

A U.S. official told The Associated Press that three flights departed San Antonio for Port-au-Prince

Why Didn’t We Leave Afghanistan Prior To Now? A Worry That Presidents Might Not Neglect

The heart of the matter really comes down to terrorism and its domestic political implications

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Sutton Stracke Sets the Record Straight on Lisa Rinna and Elton John Drama

Major mix up? Sutton Stracke set the record straight on her feud with Lisa Rinna regarding Elton John’s Oscars party a few years ago. “I didn’t know it was going to blow up like this,” the 50-year-old star exclusively told Us Weekly on Friday, September 24. “I don’t know — the things I say sometimes…

This Is the Perfect Oversized Sweatshirt to Couple With Your Favorite Leggings

This sweater from MEROKEETY has just the right length to conceal everything that you want covered when wearing leggings — details

Going Digital! Design Jasmine Sanders Debuts Her Runway All Set Avatar

Jasmine Sanders’ newest project may be her coolest and most imaginative yet. The 30-year-old Sports Illustrated cover star is soaring to new heights and places a super stylish avatar!  “I’ve been working on an amazing and innovative project with Elite World Group and I’m so excited to finally share this with you all,” she wrote via…

90 Day’s Chantel Exposes She Took Pedro’s Virginity When He Was 23

Whoops! Chantel Everett and husband Pedro Jimeno‘s life has been in the spotlight ever since they made their debut on 90 Day Fiancé in 2016. That fact is seemingly why Chantel, 30, didn’t realize that the world didn’t know that Pedro, 29, was a virgin before meeting her. “How old was Pedro when he lost…