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Night owls are more susceptible to diabetes and heart disease

Undoubtedly, patterns of our activities and sleep cycles have a significant impact on our health. A new study by Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, found wake/sleep cycles cause metabolic differences and alter our body’s preference for energy sources. The study suggests that people who are night owls tend to have a reduced ability to use

The risk of blood clots remains for almost a year after COVID-19 infection

Infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) induces a prothrombotic state, but the long-term effects of COVID-19 on the incidence of vascular diseases are unclear. In a new study by a large team of researchers led by the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Swansea University, COVID-19 infection increases the risk of potentially

Uncontrolled blood pressure contributes to a lot of heart-related emergencies

Previous studies have highlighted differences in disease distribution among men and women hospitalized with CVD and sex disparities in hospital treatments and subsequent clinical outcomes. However, as these studies are limited to inpatients, they do not account for differential propensity to hospitalize men and women. Furthermore, they overlook the highest‐risk patients who may not survive

NASA’s InSight lander heard the first meteoroid impacts on Mars

New craters are created on planetary surfaces by meteorite impacts, which also change the atmosphere’s makeup. Meteoroids cause brief seismic and acoustic waves to be generated during atmospheric entry and ground impact. However, new crater formation and related impact-induced mechanical waves have not yet been observed jointly beyond Earth. In a new study, NASA reported

NASA’S Perseverance rover collected four samples from an ancient river on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover has recently collected four samples from an ancient river delta in the Red Planet’s Jezero Crater. This detection is made in an area where, in the distant past, sediment and salts were deposited into a lake under conditions in which life could potentially have existed. Jezero Crater, which is Twenty-eight miles (45

Scientists have discovered a new structure of telomeric DNA

Telomeres are sometimes seen as the key to living longer. They protect genes from damage but get shorter each time a cell divides. Each time a cell divides, the telomeres become slightly shorter. Eventually, they become so short that the cell can no longer divide successfully, and the cell dies. Little is known about the

Scientists created synthetic living cells with lifelike functionality

At the nexus of living and non-living matter, improving the spontaneous bottom-up construction of artificial cells with high organizational complexity and diversified functions is still a problem. To address this challenge, scientists- led by the University of Bristol have created synthetic cells, known as protocells, using viscous micro-droplets filled with living bacteria as a microscopic

Smartphones can detect blood oxygen saturation levels, study

Hypoxemia is a medical condition when the blood does not carry enough oxygen to supply the tissues adequately. It is a leading indicator for dangerous complications of respiratory diseases like asthma, COPD, and COVID-19. While specially designed pulse oximeters can deliver precise blood-oxygen saturation (SpO2) readings that enable hypoxemia diagnosis, making this capability available in

Air Pollution causes Negative Changes in a Baby’s gut

Our environment is significantly affected by increasing pollution. This damage can cause various deadly diseases in human beings. The air pollutants are directly linked with the composition and function of the gut microbiome in adults. But this is neglected in infancy as exposure to air pollution in the first six months could affect a child’s

Three new species of Cryptozoic snakes discovered under graveyards and churches in Ecuador

In the Andes of Ecuador, graveyards are lands of the living. A group of scientists led by Alejandro Arteaga, grantee of The Explorers Club Discovery Expeditions and researcher at Khamai Foundation, discovered a fossorial group of snakes hidden under graveyards and churches in remote towns in the Andes of Ecuador. As per the reports, the

New microscope allows scientists to see through the skull and image the brain

Compensation of sample-induced optical aberrations is crucial for visualizing microscopic structures deep within biological tissues. Strong multiple scattering, however, restricts the ability to detect and repair tissue-induced errors. Therefore, to obtain a high-resolution deep-tissue image, removing the multiple-scattered waves and increasing the ratio of the single-scattered waves is essential. Scientists, led by Associate Director CHOI

Scientists might have dramatically underestimated the number of ancient Martian lakes

Even though Mars is currently a frozen desert, scientists have found evidence of ancient lakes that existed there billions of years ago. These ancient lakes may have preserved information about the red planet’s old temperature and life. Dr. Joseph MICHALSKI, a geologist at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), said that scientists may have vastly overestimated

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‘The Most Explosive Issue.’ Republicans Reveal Immigration Agenda Ahead of Midterms

At a Friday event in Pittsburgh, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy unveiled a plan that lays out the Republican agenda ahead of the midterm elections and offers a view for how they would legislate should they retake control of the House. It shows Republicans continue to view tough messaging on immigration as a key strategy

Human Waste Could Help the Fight Against Future Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Health Disease Human Waste Could Help the Fight Against Future Infectious Disease Outbreaks By Andrew D. Johnson 9/23/2022|9:04 Wastewater surveillance uses local sewer systems to measure the health of the population and can be especially useful to detect infectious diseases that can be asymptomatic. The practice is currently being used to combat COVID-19 and could

Why Andor Has So Few Easter Eggs—And Why That’s a Good Thing

In the first three episodes of Andor—and presumably for the rest of the new Disney+ series—those loyal to the Empire will do their best to hunt down Diego Luna’s titular Rebel spy. They will have a hard time, though, because Cassian Andor is good at what he does. Star Wars fans might likewise be on