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Antimicrobial-resistant bacteria found in neonates from low- and middle-income countries

Sepsis is a primary cause of mortality in newborns, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Despite the fact that neonatal sepsis is a significant public health issue in LMICs, it is still unknown how, when, and where newborn infants acquire infections that could be fatal. Additionally, it is still unclear what variables led to

Poor health-related quality of life can lead to rare diseases

Diseases that affect a smaller number of inhabitants are said to be rare diseases. This is caused due to poor health-related quality of life. And conditions such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain interference, and physical function are also associated with a rare disease. People with rare disease mainly faces the inability to perform in social

A novel method for visualizing cell secretion like never before

Secreted proteins mediate essential physiological processes. Understanding the spatial and temporal dynamics of protein secretion at a single-cell level is essential to understanding numerous biological systems relevant to health and disease. However, currently available methods for studying protein secretion at the single-cell level lack spatial resolution. Hence, scientists at Washington University in St. Louis devised

World’s first synthetic embryo created without sperm

Scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science have- for the first time ever- grown synthetic embryo models of mice outside the womb using stem cells cultured in a petri dish. This is a major medical science breakthrough. What’s more, the cell culture process is also done without using fertilized eggs, thereby bypassing the need for

Children’s noses can better inhibit COVID-19

According to a new study by the University of Queensland, compared to adult nostrils, the lining of children’s noses is more effective at preventing SARS-CoV-2 infections. This might be a reason why children’s immune responses have so far proven more effective at avoiding and fighting COVID-19, suggests scientists. Scientists have shown that children’s noses have

Astonishing: NASA’s Webb captures Cartwheel Galaxy

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope recently captured the chaos of the Cartwheel Galaxy that lies almost 500 million light-years away in the Sculptor constellation. It also captured two smaller companion galaxies against a backdrop of many other galaxies. This detailed image produced by Webb’s powerful infrared gaze revealed new details about star formation and the

Cambridge scientists designed the next-generation smart lighting system

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have led the development of the next-generation smart lighting system using a combination of nanotechnology, color science, advanced computational methods, electronics, and a unique fabrication process. They come up with smart, color-controllable white light devices from quantum dots. Using more than three primary lighting colors used mainly in LEDs

Study uncovered the deadly workings of a carnivorous plant

Carnivorous pitcher plants capture insects in cup-shaped leaves that function as motionless pitfall traps. Nepenthes gracilis evolved a unique ‘springboard’ trapping mechanism: its elaborate cup-shaped leaves are equipped with a canopy-like hanging lid that turns into a deadly springboard for ants when a falling raindrop hits it. A new study by the University of Bristol

Consistent approaches to surgical innovation are urgently needed, study

After examining NHS hospital policies for introducing new surgical and other invasive procedures and devices in England and Wales, scientists, as a part of the INTRODUCE study, found that consistency is required in how surgical innovation is overseen. New innovations by surgeons enhance patient care. The NHS can be benefitted from innovation when more affordable

Researchers harnessed the light-guiding properties of spider silk

Spider silk poses superior properties such as elasticity, tensile strength, biodegradability, and biocompatibility. Because of these properties, various optical components employed in biomedical applications have been fabricated using spider silk. In this study, researchers from Taiwan Instrument Research Institute and Taipei Medical University have developed a highly sensitive fiber optic sugar sensor by harnessing the

A super-Earth planet has been found near the habitable zone of a red dwarf star

Red dwarfs are stars smaller than the Sun, accounting for at least 100 billion red dwarfs in Milky Way alone. All are- abundant in the neighborhood around the Sun and important targets in the search for nearby extra-solar planets and extraterrestrial life. But, as they are cool and don’t reflect much light, it is difficult

Scientists revealed the distribution of dark matter around galaxies 12 billion years ago

Another groundbreaking discovery by Nagoya University‘s six Nobel Prize winners looks back into parts of space further than ever before. In collaboration with the University of Tokyo and Princeton University, researchers revealed how they observed the formation of dark matter around galaxies 12 billion years ago, using radiation residue from the Big Bang. It can

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UK economy shrinks between April and June

By Noor NanjiBusiness reporter, BBC NewsImage source, Getty ImagesThe UK economy shrank between April and June as experts forecast a gloomy outlook with recession on the horizon.The economy contracted by 0.1% in the second quarter of the year, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.This was partly due to Covid schemes like Test and Trace

UK heatwave: South East Water hosepipe ban comes into force

By Andre Rhoden-Paul & Jasmine AnderssonBBC NewsImage source, Getty ImagesAn official drought has been declared as low-water levels and tinder-dry conditions continue across the UK.Eight parts of England, including Devon, Kent, East Anglia and Lincolnshire are affected. The move is expected to trigger stricter controls on water use and five water companies have already announced

Will there be a hosepipe ban in my area?

By Charley Adams & Christy CooneyBBC NewsImage source, Getty ImagesImage caption, People will not be allowed to use hosepipes to water plants during the temporary banYorkshire Water is the latest water company to announce a hosepipe ban because of the unusually dry weather.Hosepipe bans are already in place across large parts of southern England, and

‘We have to win every game’ – Man Utd boss Erik ten Hag on his football philosophy

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag sits down with Football Focus' Dion Dublin to talk about his football philosophy and expectations this season. Watch the full interview on Football Focus at 12:00 BST on Saturday, 13 August on BBC One, iPlayer and the BBC Sport website & app Everything Manchester United - go straight to