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A brand-new stage of matter unwinded

Back to basics approach. Continue reading A new phase of matter unraveled on Tech Explorist...

Twins bring a consistent epigenetic signature on their DNA

New leads in research into the origin of identical twins. Continue reading Identical twins carry a persistent epigenetic signature on their DNA on Tech Explorist.

Safeguarding qubits from mistakes utilizing photons in a silicon chip

The photonic chip is key to nurturing quantum computers. Continue reading Protecting qubits from errors using photons in a silicon chip on Tech Explorist.

New AI tool to forecast psychotic health problems

A longitudinal network analysis. Continue reading New AI tool to predict psychotic illnesses on Tech Explorist.

Mellow supermassive great voids serve as significant factories of high-energy cosmic particles

The new model shows that not only active black holes but also non-active, "mellow" ones are important. Continue reading Mellow supermassive black holes act as major factories of high-energy cosmic particles on Tech Explorist.

A brand-new method to make single-crystal flake gadgets

The superconductor shows promise as a component for flexible electronics. Continue reading A new way to make single-crystal flake devices on Tech Explorist.

Winds in Jupiter’s Great Red Area Are Accelerating

In Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, a storm that has been roiling for centuries, its “outer lane” is moving faster than its “inner lane” — and continues to pick up speed. By analysing long-term data from this high-speed ring, researchers have found that the wind speed has increased by up to 8 percent between 2009 and…

Kids who take part in sports in early youth are less most likely to experience depressive signs

Play ball! (It’s good for you) Continue reading Boys who participate in sports in early childhood are less likely to experience depressive symptoms on Tech Explorist.

Covid-19 triggered a substantial decrease in life span

Across most of the 29 countries, males saw larger life expectancy declines than females. Continue reading Covid-19 caused a significant reduction in life expectancy on Tech Explorist.

Hubble recorded a monumentally energetic kind of galaxy

More than meets the eye. Continue reading Hubble captured a monumentally energetic type of galaxy on Tech Explorist.

Some animals can endure for a very long time without sex

Scientists, for the first time, demonstrated the so-called Meselson effect in animals. Continue reading Some animals can survive for a long time without sex on Tech Explorist.

Tension hormonal agent level of sensitivity might increase the danger of heart problem

Creating a test that could differentiate between stress hormone-sensitive and resistant people. Continue reading Stress hormone sensitivity could increase the risk of heart disease on Tech Explorist.

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