Cowley Road ‘shooting’: Residents and business owners react


Shock is palpable throughout Cowley Road a day after police lights lit up the area following an alleged shooting.

People who live and work on the popular East Oxford road have expressed their disbelief and concern that a ‘shooting’ could happen so close to home.

The incident occurred at around 6.45pm on Sunday when police scrambled to the scene following reports of a man being shot.

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Oxford Mail: The road was closed by police for more than an hourThe road was closed by police for more than an hour

Thames Valley Police immediately cordoned off the area, bringing cars and buses to a standstill, whilst they investigated the ‘shooting’.

The force has now arrested two men on suspicion of attempted murder after a man was left with a ‘small wound’ to his shoulder, possibly caused by a firearm.

The victim was taken to hospital with non-serious injuries but has now been discharged.

One Cowley Road cafe worker, who chose to remain anonymous, said she was “so afraid” at news of the alleged shooting.

Nay Aung, who lived on the road 14 years before moving to Headington and still owns Honest Stationery at 151 Cowley Road, said: “Cowley Road is not safe anymore.”

The shop owner explained when he and his family moved to the area “it was nice, it was friendly” however the road is “not anymore”.

“It is really crazy,” he added.

Oxford Mail: The incident has shocked people in the communityThe incident has shocked people in the community

Andres Gantner, who works at Beeline Bicycles and also lives on Cowley Road, described the presence of a police cordon on the road as “crazy” and a “little bit disturbing”.

Mr Gantner told this newspaper he walked out of the bike shop to see the road closed off and was taken aback by the sight.

He explained: “It was shocking, the shooting and the whole area being closed yesterday, but at least no one has been seriously hurt.”

However, despite the seriousness of the incident, Mr Gantner said he still feels safe on the road.

“I do feel safe, as well as in the whole Cowley area. Generally, it is quite a safe place.

“Compared to other areas it does feel safe because there are people from all over the world,” he explained.

Oxford Mail: Two men have been arrestedTwo men have been arrested

This viewpoint was shared by Keith Gosling, the assistant manager at family run bike shop Cycle King Oxford.

Mr Gosling said: “I have never had any problems or threats of violence.

“It seems it is some sort of gang thing rather than general aggression in the area.”  

A staff member at The Gamekeeper, who did not wish to share their name, said the incident was “just another day on Cowley Road”.

They added they have noticed an increase police presence today, stating: “I have seen several police cars while I have been on Cowley Road for ten minutes.”

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