Didcot woman has egg thrown at her when walking home alone


A WOMAN has warned people to be vigilant when walking alone after an egg was thrown at her in the street.

The 27-year-old woman, who lives in Didcot, was walking home from playing netball when an egg hit her in the leg at about 9.10pm last Thursday (12).

She was walking down Greenwood Way when she noticed a white golf had slowed down next to her.

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The woman, who has chosen to stay anonymous, said: “I was walking home by myself at night in my gym kit.

“I was texting on my phone and a car drove past and I felt something hit my leg and then heard a crack on the floor.

“I realised the car had slowed down and someone had thrown an egg at me. Once I realised what they had done they had already driven away before I managed to take down a number plate.

“I didn’t see anyone who was in the car. What I thought was weird is that I know someone else this had happened to a week prior in Oxford but it was a different car.”

The woman said she felt shocked and reported the incident online to the police online but has not received a crime reference number.

Oxford Mail: Greenwood Way Didcot (Google Maps)Greenwood Way Didcot (Google Maps)

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“The egg was all down my leg,” she said. “It was one of those things where I wasn’t hurt but it was the idea that I was walking alone at night in a place I usually feel safe and it was unusual that someone would do that.

“I was a bit shocked and a bit upset as it was a nice evening until that happened. It’d be different if it had a hit a vulnerable person or it had hit me in the face – I was fine but it was outrageous.

She now hopes to warn others about staying vigilant when walking alone and said it was unusual for her to be texting as she walked.

“I just want people to stay vigilant,” she said. “I would feel so bad if this happened to anyone else.

“I posted about it online and most people were like, ‘that’s terrible’ but there were some people making jokes.

“I know I wasn’t hurt and it was just an egg but as a woman walking alone it was intimidating to have something thrown at you – it makes you wonder why you have been targeted.

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“People don’t know the emotional impact it has on you afterwards. I’m going to continue walking home from netball but I will just be so much more vigilant”.

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