East Oxford LTN has been smashed down again


MORE roadblocks that were set up as part of a new low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) scheme in East Oxford have been smashed down as fury against the measures continues.  

It has only been one full weekend since LTN barriers were put up on streets off Cowley Road as part of the six-month Oxfordshire County Council LTN trial taking place in the Divinity Road, St Clement’s, and St Mary’s areas.

Today a photo was shared of the bollard on Bullingdon Road that had been smashed out of place and left in the middle of the adjacent road. 

Oxford Mail: Bullingdon Road LTN removed by public.Bullingdon Road LTN removed by public.

Last night a photo was shared of the LTN on Princes Street, with the bollard nowhere to be seen. 

Oxford Mail: Princes Street LTN removed.Princes Street LTN removed.

This comes after bollards knocked down within hours of the trial started have only just been fixed, as community divide over the controversial scheme to calm traffic rages on. 

Oxford Mail: Photo shared by reader of LTN bollard removed on Divinity Road.Photo shared by reader of LTN bollard removed on Divinity Road.

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