Headington shop could be turned into a takeaway restaurant


A SHOP in Headington could be turned into a takeaway restaurant despite opposition by neighbours.

Malk Nooruldeen wants to sell hot food at n133 London Road, and has submitted an application to Oxford City Council, the planning authority.

But some Headington residents have raised concerns over the lack of parking space and noise pollution.

Stephanie Jenkins, who lives in Kennett Road, said: “The last thing Headington needs is yet another takeaway, with the related parking problems and delivery bikes.

“In addition the people in the flats on top of this row of shops don’t deserve yet another extractor fan: they already have too many traffic fumes at the front and cooking smells at the back.”

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Lorna Shires, who lives on Gardiner Street, said: “The council need to enable shops that residents can use and affordable to run. We have three ‘dessert’ shops in a short run of shops all of which have customers who then park illegally in the bays outside. This should remain a shop.”

Richard Colling, who lives on Holyoake Road, said: “We have enough ‘restaurants’ in Headington and we do not need any further extractor fans causing noise and odour pollution, the existing ones are already a public nuisance.”

Martin Burgess, who lives in North Way, said: “The smells and smoke created by cooking would make the outdoor space unusable, and the provision for food waste disposal does not exist at the site and cannot exist without major alterations to the back of the building.”

The council is expected to make a decision by December 5.

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