Man’s scathing review of Didcot goes viral on TikTok


A man who likes to review the ‘worst places’ to live in the UK has visited Didcot.

TikTok’s answer for Ross Kemp, Phil C, has visited the worker town to give his honest opinion.

At number 11 on the list of the worst places to live, Didcot is worse than Blackpool (at number 14) and Oldham (at number 13).

However, the controversial list ranks it higher than Slough (at number 9) and Bradford (at number 10).

But that hasn’t stopped Phil from being brutal about Didcot – calling it irrelevant, cy and forgettable.

“Hey, why don’t we go to Didcot? Said no-one ever.”

His bleak review starts: “It’s a pointless place in the middle of nowhere. It’s basically a power station with a cy little town bolted on the side.

“If you look up the word irrelevant in the dictionary underneath will be written Didcot.”

In the video he pans around the power station land, zooms in on supermarket Iceland and uses footage of boarded up charity shops.  

At one point he goes to far to say he feels ‘robbed of his life’ visiting Didcot.

One of the best things about the town is it is undeniably well connected with direct train links to Paddington, Oxford and the north.

Phil C continues: “A lot of you may have seen Didcot speed past outside the window of a fast moving train, as you were going from somewhere much more exciting to somewhere else much more exciting because Didcot does have quite an important train line running through it. 

“Hey why don’t we go to Didcot? Said no-one ever.” 

Watch here

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