Praise for examples of great crime-free graffiti


Graffiti can be a criminal act that make an area look run down and neglected but at its best, it can brighten up a townscape.

Police on patrol in Eynsham stopped by the legal graffiti wall, where people can doodle crime-free, and discovered that there are a number of talented artists out there.

They particularly liked the drawing of a little dog.

There are some very talented people in the world.

Eynsham’s graffiti Wall is looking very colourful.

Love the little 🐕 dog #talent #policepatrols

— TVP_WestOxon (@TVP_WestOxon) July 4, 2022

Street art as we know it today originated and evolved on trains in Philadelphia and then spread to New York with teenagers tagging carriages then trying to out do one another with their ever-more elaborate designs.

In Witney reader Hannah West drew our attention to graffiti she liked in the underpass off Avenue Two Station Lane under the A40 to Witney Lake.

Ms West said: “I think it’s incredible and artistic. I think we’ve found the Banksy of Witney.”

Of course, since Bristol artist Banksy conquered the art world, graffiti has been taken a lot more seriously.

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